Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thinking back..

As our girls are approaching 11 months on Tuesday it is hard for me to not look back on the pregnancy and wish things had maybe been different. I think back to the pregnancy all the time. I try really hard not to look back and wish things hadn't been different in the end, but I do. I wish that at 30 weeks the girls wouldn't have developed IUGR and have to be delivered at 34 weeks b/c they simply couldn't grow inside of me. I wish so bad I could have done something to help them grow more and been able to stay in me longer. I especially remember the day before the delivery (we didn't know that then) we went to see a High Risk Specialist at UMC. They did almost 2 hours worth of detailed tests and sonograms. He threw out the word stillbirth about Olivia b/c everything wasn't doing what it should have been for her. He said if I was his patient he would send me to the OR immediately. My doctor made the final decision that the next day at 12 would be fine. It was, however it is was a hard day. I hate that I can't say it was the very best day of my life. It was a whirlwind of emotions. Having twins and then not being able to see them and have them right beside us was so hard. I think me and Jon did some serious bonding and growing as a couple in those 3 nights in the hospital. It was so hard. People would come visit and most didn't go to the NICU but a few did and bless their hearts- as we all know it is an ordeal. I just get sad and wish we had had those 3 blissful nights in the hospital and getting to share our babies with everyone. I know there is no point in rehashing b/c it's done and everything worked out perfectly. I am currently listening to 2 perfect little 11 month old girls playing, squealing and being nothing shy of perfect! I know how blessed I am- I just sometimes do think back.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life Lately

Not even going to say how bad I am at this blog, it's very obvious by my last date on the last post. I will try and do better but no promises.

Let's start with my marriage.
I love my husband so much. I have heard so many people saying having multiples has really hurt their marriage. Well I can honestly say our marriage is only stronger and growing everyday. We are more of a team than we have ever been. I have learned a new respect and appreciation for my husband. He has never backed down from 100% helping with our 3 kids. He is mister hands on and he is great! I love how much he loves and cares for all our girls. It is truly a blessing to watch. He is going to be staying home with our girls this school year and watching 2 other little girls. He has so much patience and is so great with kids. It's amazing to watch. I am proud to call him my husband and can't wait to spend everyday with him.

Our children.
Alexis is about to start 2nd grade and is thrilled! She is going to miss her 1st grade teacher more than words can express but she's excited to cross the highway to Northside and be with her friends again and start a new school year. She is going to be in Quest this year and that's really exciting for her! She is such a sweet girl and loves her sisters more than one can imagine. She loves to make them laugh and take the best care of them she knows how. She is always willing to help us do whatever we need for the babies. We are blessed to have such an awesome 7 year old daughter. We are proud of her every single day.

Ava and Olivia are 10 months this coming week. (CRAZY- I KNOW) They are such happy happy little girls. They really are. They love to play together. They are growing and changing in so many ways. They are both still taking 5 bottles a day and doing some fruit and veggies solids morning and night. They love their Mum Mum rice rusks and have recently been eating some real strawberries, bananas, and oranges in their mesh feeders. Not ready for table food yet but we are making progress. Ava weighs 15 lbs and Livi 14 lbs. Yes, they are small for their age  but from where they started they are doing just beautifully! They are both crawling soo fast and babble all day. They pull up and stand on everything. They are showing signs that they definitely will be walking in the coming months. I recently had a nursery worker on a Sunday morning tell me that she had them on 2 different ends of the room and that they each started fussing and as soon as they were put back with each other to play they were happy. They truly love each other and it is so neat to watch their interactions.

I honestly get overwhelmed so many times with happiness. I can't believe how blessed I am to have a husband who loves me like he does and 3 amazing children. This is not to say we don't have struggles. Let's be honest, twins who were born 6 weeks early, spending weeks in the NICU, on special premature formula until 12 months and a 7 year old is definitely costly and we have lots of bills but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alexis is 7!

I can't even believe that are sweet Lexis is 7. I am coming to terms with the fact that our little girl is growing up.
I can not possibly say enough good things about this angel. I don't do it in a boastful manner, just in a way that I will remember this wonderful age.
She has almost completed 1st grade. This has been a great school year for her and she has completely thrived. She is so intelligent. She always comes home with great grades and has been reading up a storm. That child has read so many books this year I can't even count. She reads so wonderful and completely comprehends everything she reads. She has been in 1st grade singers and loved every minute. She doesn't really have many shy bones. She loves Jesus and loves to be with her church friends. Alexis loves almost everyone she meets. She especially loves all her time with all of her grandparents and she is by far the best big sister the world has ever known. She has endured ALOT of changes this past year. She was once an only child now the big sister to 2 little girls. I would say she took it like a champ, she never complains about all the time mom and dad have to devote to the girls. She joins in with us or entertains herself. She is a great girl and I just can't say that enough.

Lex we love you so much and are so proud of the young lady you are becoming!

6 months old..

Wow, I am behind on this blog. It's been too long. I told Jon and Lex my goal is to blog at least once a week if not more, starting today.

Our sweet twins are 6 months old. Amazing, seriously amazing how fast time flies. Gosh we love these little ladies so so much! I want to look back and remember what they were doing at 6 months so here goes.
Both girls have their very own unique personality. Ava is more relaxed and Livi is more wild, but both equally fun. Ava is weighing about 11 lbs and 10 ounces and Livi is about 11 lbs. We are so proud of our babies weight considering we started at 2 and 3 lbs. They are both starting to really get mobile. They love to roll and be on their bellies. Just this past week they have decided they can grab everything and put it in their mouth, including their feet and by that I mean they grab each others as well. Haha, it's so cute to watch. They are wanting to crawl and I think in the next month or two they will. They both love to jump in the jumperoo and play in the exersaucer. They enjoy bouncy time while watching Dora or Little Einsteins. We have just recently gotten into some good solids. They are liking pears, bananas and sweet potatoes right now. We tried peas and they hated. They weren't big fans of cereal either. They eat 5 bottles a day and go to bed b/w 730 and 8 and sleep pretty well. Some  nights they slept until their morning bottle at 630 and then back to bed until 930. Some nights they each wake up once to eat. Daddy stays home with them and does an amazing job. Let's just say taking care of two babies they need to be eating and doing everything at the same time everyday is a challenge, but he loves it and is amazing with these girls. He has more patience than any person I know which is exactly what a stay at home parent of twins needs. He never seems to get frustrated, he just loves and nurtures our babies! We have not yet taken the babies to church. I know many people think we are crazy b/c we have waited so long but just haven't been ready. I mean the first month of their life we had to scrub in and buzz someone and have permission to see our children. Makes it hard for us as parents to immediately just put them in a nursery after what we went through. However, we are slowly getting there. We have taken them to a few stores but they have been in car seats when we do that.

Ava and Olivia you have brought so much joy to our lives and we thank God for you daily!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wow- 6 weeks tomorrow.

Wow- It is so hard to believe these girls will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Amazing!
Let me just update on their progress. They are doing so well. Today Olivia weighs 5 lbs and 6.4 ounces and Ava weighs 5 lbs and 11.7 ounces and it changes and goes up daily. I finally broke down and bought a baby scale from Babies R Us b/c I wanted to make sure we were always going in the right direction. They are both gaining so well. Give us a few more weeks and they might be able to wear 0-3 months clothes and all the pretty little gowns and headbands we have for them! Can't wait!

They are also getting more alert. Last night they laid on our bed from 5-830 and just made noises and were wide awake. We have also started tummy time. Once a day we put them on their tummy's for about 10-15 minutes and they can both pull their tiny little heads up and turn them all the way from one side to the other. I am going to have to invest in a video camera b/c the effort and sounds they make when they are trying is priceless. They work so hard! They are eating every 3 hours and sleep pretty well in between! They both sleep in their separate cribs in their room at night and we are so proud of them for that! During the day they hang out in bouncy seats, swings, and cuddled together on mine and Jon's bed! Today we got our first round of RSV shots since they were premature we were eligible for those and basically they were a necessity b/c we don't want to risk anything. They will get rounds in Dec, Jan, and Feb to keep them protected from RSV! They also get their 8 week old shots on Nov. 30. That is crazy! We have definitely started adjusting our life to the girls! Yes, it is tiring and we don't get tons of sleep and I wash their laundry about every 2 days and we run the dishwasher full of bottles every 2 days and we have about 38 doctor brown bottles and it's never enough, BUT there is nothing better in the world then these 2 little angels and the way they can light me up and the way their daddy and big sister love them so much! I wouldn't trade all the work and lack of sleep for it any day! They are truly our biggest blessings (aside from Alexis, of course) and I love love love every minute of these girls!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 weeks old!

Well the girls are 3 weeks old today! Hard to believe it has been 3 weeks since these sweet girls came into our lives! Let's start with Ava! She was discharged last Sunday! We were so shocked b/c we didnt expect it to be that soon, although we were thrilled. It was a hard day though bc it was so hard to take Ava and leave Olivia. I didn't realize how hard that would be. Ava has been doing good at home, the first 2 nights she was fussy during the night. We were trying to let her sleep in the pack n play in our bedroom and she honestly didn't like the pack n play. So we tried the crib and it's been working wonders! The baby loves her crib! She has now been doing great at night. She wakes every 3 hours to eat and then usually goes right back to sleep in her crib! She is such a sweet little baby! She is up to 4 lbs and 7 ounces. We do think she misses her little sister being in the bed next to her! I am ready to have them together. Her big sister, Alexis has been so sweet to her. She did get to hold her for a minute and that thrilled her to death. She has been very helpful with bringing us stuff for Ava when we need it!

Miss Olivia is also doing great. Jon and myself are both getting up there at night. When he gets home from work at 5 I go feed Olivia and spend time with her and then he goes at 8. It is hard to have one home and one in the NICU. Olivia is doing great though. As of last night she was 4 lbs which means it won't be long now before she is home. After spending all day with Ava and then going to see Olivia last night I really realized they look just alike for real. I think b/c Olivia's weight is almost caught up with Ava's it's helping. Pretty sure these girls are identical. Can't wait to lay them beside each other at home and really see if there is any difference.
I do want to say I was again reminded last night just how blessed we were. As I was feeding Olivia I heard a nurse telling a parent that their baby had had a spell and his vitals dropped and he stopped breathing and they had to bag him to get him to breath. Right then and there I stopped and prayed for that family b/c I can't imagine what it feels like to be told that and I thanked God for letting my 2 girls be so incredibly healthy.

I never want to take for granted the blessings we have been given.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 weeks old!!!

So our sweet girls our 2 weeks old today and boy are they doing great!!! I mean GREAT! These girls remind us everyday of God's great goodness b/c they are just amazing! They are totally on bottles, feeding tubes have been out since this past weekend and haven't had to be put back in. They are eating every 3 hours around the clock and they may even start going to every 4 hours soon b/c they are eating so much! Ava can eat 60 cc's at a feeding (2 oz) and Olivia is up to 40 cc's! For these little angels that is amazing!
They continue to have no other problems whatsoever. No trouble breathing or doing anything! They are opening their eyes soo much more now too! They have starting smiling so much! They are just precious!
We are really loving getting involved at night. We take their temp, change them, swaddle them, feed them, burp them, and then cuddle!! We have to wait to cuddle until after they eat b/c if we try and cuddle during feedings they tend to not eat.. They like to be cuddled!!! I am finally allowed to drive since it's been 2 weeks since the section so I am going to be up there while Lexie is in school and do some daytime feedings! Oh and their fabulous weights as of today are Ava Grace 4 lbs and 2 ounces and Olivia Joy 3 lbs and 6 ounces!!
We are so proud of these girls and are so excited about how well they are doing and can't wait to get them home soon!!